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Jam 'Ole convoy below Cowley Lock

The "Jam 'Ole" fleet (3 pairs and 2 pleasure boats) moored below Cowley Lock near Uxbridge. (23.10.02) Left to right: Nutfield & Raymond, Cassiopeia & Ipswich, Duke, Berwyn, Greyhound & Fazeley (3 boats had dropped out)
Photo: Peter Oates

Raymond at the Jam 'Ole

Above and below: Nutfield and the newly painted Raymond tied up at the site of the "Jam 'Ole" near Bulls Bridge (23.10.02)
Photos: Peter Oates

Nutfield & Raymond at the Jam 'Ole


Nutfield & Raymond

Nutfield and Raymond returning from the "Jam 'Ole" down Braunston Locks (26.10.02)
Photo: Peter Oates

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