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For various reasons it has not proved possible to produce a Newsletter for this month despite assurances to the contrary given by both the Chairman and myself at the February meeting. Together with the usual absence of a January issue, it is now nearly three months since we've published any news. So, it is felt that a couple of forthcoming items should be drawn to your attention. And to confirm that the Society has not ceased to exist.

Future Meetings

Coming up this week are a couple of events which I'm sure you'll be interested in. First is the normal monthly meeting. This features Tony Haynes and, although the title is 'Trip Boats on the Basingstoke Canal', I understand he will be covering more ground (sorry, water) than this.

This also seems like a good time to remind you of our meetings for the rest of the year.

6th March 2003
Tony Haynes and 'Trip Boats on the Basingstoke Canal'.

7th March 2003
Skittles Evening at the King's Head in Hursley. See overleaf.

3rd April 2003
Frank Banfield will be showing some transport films.

3rd to 5th May 2003
2nd Southampton Canal Society Boaters' Gathering in the Braunston area.

8th May 2003
Residential Boat Owners Association (speaker to be confirmed). Please note the date is second Thursday of the month.

5th June 2003
Annual General Meeting with supporting programme.

3rd July 2003
Tal-y-llyn Railway - film and slides with Peter Kent Mason.

31st July 2003
Tim Boddington on the Macclesfield Canal and adjoining waterways. Please note that this meeting is the week before the first Thursday of August.

4th September 2003
To be confirmed.

2nd October 2003
'Day-Star Theatre' with their new production for 2003.

6th November 2003
IWA National Chairman John Fletcher (to be confirmed).

4th December 2003
Inter-Society Waterways Quiz and American Supper.

Please note that there was an error was found in this list since publication: the speaker shown for 31st July will be speaking to us on 4th September.

Skittles Evening

Angela Faull kindly agreed back in January to organise a Society Skittle Evening.





We start at 19:00

Put on your dancing shoes

The plan is to start the skittles at about 7.45pm, break for the buffet at approx 8.45pm and then continue until about 10pm. Hope that suits everyone. There will be a prize for the top score, and also a booby prize for the lowest score. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Regards Angela

This should be a great social event. If you haven't already told Angela you'll be there, then please contact her on 023 8047 6112 so she can ensure there's enough food for everyone.

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