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June Meeting

This evening we welcome Pete Boyce. We look forward to his talk on the history of his wooden narrow boat LUCY, which was built in 1953, and his on going restoration of her.

Next Month's Meeting

This will be our 45th Southampton Canal Society AGM on Thursday 5th July. Details and the agenda are elsewhere in this issue of the Newsletter.

For our members who receive the Newsletter by email, please if possible, print off and bring along to the AGM.

Urgent call: Join your committee! ideally to help, share the load with arranging trips and other social events. We need ideas.

If any Members have any questions to raise at the AGM please speak to myself or any Committee Member.

Enjoy the Wine & Cheese supper to finish off. the evening.

We have not seen a few Members at our recent Meetings

Angela sent out a note with a recent copy of the Newsletter.

A reply was received from Dr John Massey, a long standing member. He mentioned his "ails, aches & pains" but ended with "getting elderly," falling asleep and not driving at night. He sends his regards and best wishes for the Club's future.

Ray and Joan Smith: Joan has had another serious fall and is finding getting about rather difficult, at the moment. Their time is being taken up with Physio appointments.

August Meeting

Remember! There will NO end of July / beginning of August meeting this year as the hall is closed for the month of August. Summer cleaning will be in progress.

September Meeting

This meeting will be a talk on the Wilts & Berks Canal presented by Chris Coyle, the Company Secretary of the Wilts & Berks Canal Trust. He will be updating us on the progress of their various ongoing projects.

Day-Star Theatre

Our friends from Day-Star Theatre (aka Peter and Jane Marshall) have been booked to appear at our November meeting. They will be presenting "A Night at Blackstone Hall" on the 1st November. Tickets will cost £8.00 and will be available as soon as they have been printed. Please reserve your tickets with Gill or Angela.

The Summer has arrived, make the most of it. But now it seems to have disappeared again!

Alan Rose

Itchen Navigation: 'A Winner'

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The winners of the 2012 Waterways Renaissance Awards have been announced.

Twenty-nine outstanding projects along canals and rivers in the UK were recognised at a dinner and reception at the ICC in Birmingham on 23rd May.

Amongst these, the winner in the Natural Environment category was the Itchen Navigation Heritage Trail project.

This is the 10th year of the Waterways Renaissance Awards, and the last to be run by The Waterways Trust, which merges into the Canal and River Trust shortly. The Awards will continue, but will be organised by the CRT from next year.

The judging panel's view of the project is:

"The project team have delivered bioengineering techniques on a highly protected waterway, taking into consideration protected species and sensitive habitats whilst delivering sustainable solutions to bank erosion. Getting materials and machinery to site with minimal impact has led to some innovative solutions being implemented. It is rare to have such good public access to a wild life-rich chalk river as exists on this navigation, with a footpath running the whole length. The public has also been encouraged to enjoy the navigation with visitor numbers estimated to have at least doubled."

The winner of the Partnership category was the Wallbridge Project in the centre of Stroud and run by the Cotswold Canals Partnership. This body was formed in 2001 with the aim of "Reconnecting England's two greatest rivers by restoring the Cotswold Canals". The Wallbridge Project, in the centre of Stroud, is just one example of the Partnership's work involving 17 organisations including local authorities and volunteer bodies.

Improvements delivered by the project include:

The project was not conceived as a whole. It is the result of partners showing flexibility and being ready to work together when opportunities present themselves at short notice. Throughout this project, the Partnership worked together flexibly, with a 'can do' attitude and have delivered a package which will ultimately become one of the signature projects of the entire Cotswold Canals; the point where the canals interface with the biggest population.

The runner-up to the Volunteering award was the Avon Vale Project on the Kennet & Avon Canal, a group of volunteers who rescued and restored a sunken workboat, bringing it back into use for off-side vegetation management. The volunteers work alongside British Waterways staff helping to clear overgrowth and over-hanging vegetation from the 16-mile long pound, making the canal safer to navigate.

Annual General Meeting 2012

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In accordance with the Constitution, notice is hereby formally given of the Southampton Canal Society's Annual General Meeting on the 5th July 2012 at Chilworth Parish Hall, Chilworth Road, Chilworth, Southampton at 7.45pm.

Any member may request an item to be included on the agenda of the AGM by giving at least fourteen days written notice of the item and its nature to the Chairman, Alan Rose (contact details here).

Mikron Theatre Tour 2012

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The venues on Mikron's tour nearest to Southampton are listed in Waterways Events. The two plays on this year's tour are:

Losing the Plot

The gardeners of Thistledale Allotments are a rag-bag bunch of diggers and dreamers. Strong personalities frequently clash over the best treatment for mealy bugs, and the annual 'Heaviest and Longest' competition is always a time when old feuds and new flirtations threaten to undermine the fragile peace.

Then Harvey from the Council pays them a visit and they realise that they must pull together, or forfeit their precious plot forever. But can they agree on a strategy? How will they convince Harvey of the vital role allotments have played in the life of the nation for centuries? What will they do when things inevitably get completely out of hand?

Can You Keep a Secret?

Riots in our city streets, the worst economic crisis for decades, a long war fought abroad with no sign of progress.

Sound familiar? Welcome to England 1812. Whilst the country's elite enjoy lavish balls and chattering salons, textile mill workers fight for their livelihoods by smashing up the machinery designed to replace them. Luddism - a fight for rights or fear of progress? Direct action or mindless vandalism?

In the back room of a Yorkshire pub, a young lad is 'twisted in'. He takes the oath of secrecy and joins the Luddites. But why won't he give his real name, calling himself instead after the movement's mythical founder, Ned Ludd? What is he hiding? And who was Ned Ludd anyway?

2012 AGM Agenda

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Chilworth Parish Hall, Chilworth, Southampton

Thursday 5 July 2012 at 7.45 pm



  1. Announcements.
  2. Apologies for Absence.
  3. Minutes of 2011 Annual General Meeting held on 28 July 2011(herewith) and matters arising.
  4. Chairman's Report (herewith).
  5. Secretary's Report (herewith).
  6. Treasurer and Membership Secretary's Report (herewith). (Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31 March 2012).
  7. Review of Annual Subscription Rates.
  8. Election of the following Officers:-
  9. Election of Committee (the Officers plus up to three other Society Members. Additional Members may be co-opted as required).
  10. Any other business relevant to an Annual General Meeting, where prior notice of the item has been given.


Note: In accordance with the Society's Constitution, only fully paid up members are eligible to vote at a meeting of the Society. Individual members and affiliated member organisations are entitled to one vote. Joint or family membership entitles that category to a maximum of two votes. Only members aged 18 or over are eligible to vote. All votes have to be cast in person, no proxy votes being permitted.

Minutes of 2011 AGM

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The Annual General Meeting was chaired by Alan Rose, Chairman of Southampton Canal Society.


There were apologies for absence from:-

Colin & Rosemary Davies, Brian & Annegret Evans, Dave & Ruth Evans, Mike Gardner, Ron & Myra Glover, Mary Hill, Adrienne Howarth, Colin Huggins, Linda Pearce, Brenda Pomeroy, Ray & Joan Smith.


A register was circulated and 19 members recorded their attendance. The attendance register forms part of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting.


The minutes of the 43rd Annual General Meeting held on 22 July 2010 had been provided to all members.

On being put to the vote, the minutes were accepted by the members present. The Chairman signed the minutes as an accurate reflection of the business discussed at that meeting.

There were no matters arising from the minutes.


The Chairman's report for 2010/11 had been printed in the current Newsletter. In summarising his report Alan Rose referred to his learning curve during his first year as Society Chairman and thanked those who had made his job a little easier. We had enjoyed an interesting and varied programme of speakers together with a number of special events. He referred to the poor support for some speakers and encouraged more members to attend meetings. Society membership had remained fairly static and our financial situation was reasonably healthy.

Alan thanked those members without whose efforts the Society would not function. These included all the officers and committee members and the many other members who contributed in a number of ways. He also wanted to thank those who donated prizes to the monthly raffle, our highest regular income.

Finally the Chairman thanked all members for their continued support as we entered our 45th year.

There were no questions.


The Secretary's report for 2010/11 had been printed in the current Newsletter. In summarising her report Angela Rose felt that the Society had enjoyed another successful year, thanking the Chairman, other officers and committee members for their work and support during the year, including the arranging of special events and the raffle etc., not forgetting Brenda Pomeroy and her team for supplying the teas each month. She referred to the publicising of Society events and media coverage generally on the waterways. At the meeting she stressed the need for new members.

There were no questions.


The Treasurer and Membership Secretary's report for 2010/11 and the audited accounts for the year ended 31 March 2011 had been printed in the current Newsletter. In her report Gill Herbert reminded members that she had been elected to the position of Treasurer & Membership Secretary at the 2010 AGM held on 22 July 2010 and was, therefore, only responsible for the accounts since that date.

In her report she highlighted a slight decrease in subscription income for the year. Income from the monthly raffle and refreshments had also decreased. Those variations were mainly due to falling membership numbers and reduced attendances at our monthly meetings. Expenditure had increased in most areas included hall hire fees, insurance and speakers' costs.

There had been an excess of income against expenditure of £3.45 for the year.

The Society's overall financial situation at 31 March 2011 had been:

Current Account£ 875.65
Savings Account£  344.16
Cash in Hand £     6.86

Laura Sturrock, the Society's Auditor, had examined the accounts for the year ended 31 March 2011 and had compared them with the underlying accounting records. For the period 1 April 2010 to 21 July 2010 the accounting records were inadequate and it had been necessary to make estimates to produce the accounts for the year.

There was one question from members concerning the cost of the Society's insurance.

It was proposed by David Townley-Jones and seconded by Terry Phippard that the Treasurer & Membership Secretary's be approved and the accounts for 2010/11 be adopted and that was approved by the members present.


The Treasurer & Membership Secretary advised that the committee had reviewed the Society's membership subscription rates bearing in mind the Society's current financial position. She reminded members that subscriptions had remained constant since 2007/08 but at the 2010 AGM it had been agreed to increase the joint membership subscription to £25 with effect from 1 April 2011. The committee was recommending that, at this stage, there be no increase in respect of the membership year commencing 1 April 2112.

It was proposed by Terry Phippard and seconded by Ann Phippard that the above recommendation be adopted and that was approved by the members present.


The Chairman reminded members that all officer and committee posts were up for annual election.

All the current officers and committee members had agreed their willingness to stand for election for a further year. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman confirmed that, at this stage, that was for one year only. Maureen Greenham had also advised the committee that she was only willing to stand for one more year.

There had been no other nominations for officer posts or to the committee prior to or at the Annual General Meeting.

It was proposed by Alan Howarth and seconded by Sue Lewis that the following be elected:-

ChairmanAlan Rose
Vice-ChairmanPaul Herbert
SecretaryAngela Rose
Treasurer & Membership SecretaryGill Herbert
Other Committee MembersMaureen Greenham and David Townley-Jones

Upon being put to the vote, the above appointments were approved unanimously.

Peter Oates had confirmed his willingness to continue as the Society Webmaster and Editor of the Newsletter.

Laura Sturrock had confirmed her willingness to continue as the Society's Auditor/Examiner. Members confirmed that appointment.


Paul Herbert, the Vice Chairman, presented this item on behalf of the committee.

As had been highlighted in the report of the Treasurer & Membership Secretary, there was concern about falling attendances at our monthly meetings, together with rising costs for the hire of the hall and for speakers. It no longer appeared viable to continue with twelve meetings a year especially considering we were unable to use the hall in May (due to possible election use) and August (maintenance month) which resulted in us holding two meetings in April and July. The committee was therefore recommending to the AGM that, with effect from 2012, our monthly meetings be reduced to ten, with only one meeting being held in April and July respectively.

Following debate, it was proposed by Aelred Derbyshire and seconded by David Doulton that that recommendation be adopted. That was unanimously agreed by members.


Regarding the increasing costs of hiring Chilworth Parish Hall there was a brief discussion about making enquiries for a possible alternative venue. Eva Drinkwater suggested a hall at Bassett Green Village which was, apparently, free for community use. In thanking her for that suggestion the Chairman advised that the committee would be discussing this matter at a future meeting.

On behalf of the members Alan Howarth expressed appreciation to the committee and for their willingness to continue in office.

There had been no notice of any other business, relevant to an Annual General Meeting.


The meeting closed at 9.05pm.

Chairman's Report 2011 - 2012

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The Society has enjoyed an interesting programme through year and I wish to thank our President Brian Evans, Members and the Committee for their support.

Special thanks to Paul Herbert, who joined the Committee in 1991, after all those years at the "tiller" and as Vice Chairman, he now will retire from these duties. I'm sure he will be around to assist if necessary.

Angela ,our Secretary arranged a varied selection of Speakers throughout the year.

At the May meeting last year, we travelled with Roger Squires through the Suez Canal with 22 members.

June saw 19 members have a fun Social Evening. With Pablo Haworth in July, 23 of us learnt about Bailey Bridges.

Then in September, Brian Evans had an interesting selection of waterways, railways and a bit of continental shown to 30 members and visitors.

Day-Star Theatre in October presented "A Long Weekend." Paul Barnett updated 24 of us on the Purton Hulks and Lydney's Lost Fleet.

The annual Inter Society Quiz in December attracted 49 people, with SCS the winners.

In January 2012, the Members' Photographic Evening was well supported by 30 members .

Brownsea Island was explained to 26 members in February. To finish off the year, 33 members enjoyed Peter Oates and Laura Sturrock with their experiences of Ellesmere Port & Liverpool 2011.

As you can see some of the meetings above have shown low support. Remember we have to pay most speakers a fee, or a charity donation, and sometimes travel expenses too.

A few more members at our meetings would make it more worthwhile for our speakers and for our Society. So please, if you can, encourage friends and family into the meetings and the Society. If you would like something different please let us know. We do ask for suggestions but have not received much response.

Sadly through the year, and subsequently, we have lost a number of members and others associated with the Society.

I would like to thank all those without whose efforts the society would not function:

Starting with the officers and committee members. Our Vice Chairman Paul Herbert, our Secretary Angela. Treasurer and membership secretary Gill Herbert. Gill is very dedicated and always has up-to-date Accounts ready at each of our Committee Meetings.

Unfortunately Maureen Greenham, our outings organiser, is relinquishing her post this year, I wish to thank her specially on behalf of us all for the time and effort she has spent over the last few years organising us trips and events. They have all been very enjoyable and successful.

David Townley-Jones our senior raffle manager.

Thanks to Newsletter Editor and Webmaster, Peter Oates; our Auditor/Examiner, Laura Sturrock; and our President Brian Evans, who is always there with the with sound advice.

Thanks to Alan Howarth for running the society library; to Laurie Pearce for his regular assistance with the raffle and to Brenda Pomeroy and her helpers for providing our tea and biscuits each month.

Our monthly raffle still remains our highest regular income and I would like to thank all those that regularly donate the prizes.

Finally, thanks to all those members that regularly turn up early to our meetings and help set up the hall and put it all away at the end.

We have a good programme of speakers and other events lined up for the future, including Day-Star again in November.

I would like to thank all members for your continued support as we enter our 46th year.

Alan Rose

Secretary's Report 2011 - 2012

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As Secretary my thanks and appreciation first go out to all our Members for their continued support during the year.

Thank you to our Chairman, Alan Rose, for leading the Society through the last year.

Thanks to Paul Herbert, Vice Chairman, for his continued support and his experience in Society Etiquette.

Our Treasurer Gill Herbert has worked very hard keeping the Society finances in order, with Maureen Greenham helping out, as required.

Maureen has also put a lot of effort into organising our Boat trips, the day on the Gosport Ferry to Bucklers Hard, last July, was very enjoyable. Plus the Skittle evening and the Christmas lunch is our Special Treat each year.

David Townley-Jones and Laurie Pearce run a fine job with the monthly raffle, which raises extra income for the Society.

Thank you, also, Brenda Pomeroy and her team for supplying the

teas each month.

Our meetings continue to be advertised in local newspapers and national Waterways publications, which also includes local updates on the Itchen Navigation.

Our Society's aim is to encourage newcomers, boaters and walkers to the waterways, to look back at the history and the hard work accomplished (and still needed) to keep our wonderful British waterways open for all to enjoy for ever.

I trust that we all feel the Southampton Canal Society has enjoyed another successful year.

Angela Rose

Treasurer's Report 2011 - 2012

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Balance Sheet

The Society's bank balances for the year ending 31 March 2012 show a loss of £428.52 during the year. My absence throughout March resulted in no money being banked during that month. In previous years large sums of prepaid subscriptions were banked early (£285 in March 2011). Subscriptions this year were first banked in April 2012. Likewise the raffle and tea money (totalling £60) for March 2012 were not banked until April 2012.

Income and Expenditure

The Society's income decreased slightly last year while costs increased. Charges for the hiring of both halls and the kitchen rose in September and, while the cost of speakers remained fairly constant, their travelling expenses increased. Clothing sales were down. The various events and their related expenses closely balanced. The Day-Star Theatre visit in October made a small surplus. Our outgoings on the newsletter were reduced due to the increasing number of members receiving copies by e-mail. (I would be grateful for members to confirm their e-mail address with me if they haven't already done so.)


Ten members failed to renew their membership subscription as a result of personal circumstances, age related situations or death. We were pleased to welcome four new members.

Balance Sheet at 31 March 2012

Deposit Account£344.40
Current Account£446.89
Cash in hand£   6.86

Gill Herbert
Treasurer & Membership Secretary

Editor's Note: It has not proved possible to include the Society's final accounts for the year ending 31 March 2012 in this edition of the Newsletter. They will be included in the July issue.

Peter Oates

'Every little helps,' as Tesco agrees to pay

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The local Tesco store alongside the Huddersfield Canal in Stalybridge has agreed to meet the costs of fishing its trolleys out of the canal at Stalybridge.

In a deal brokered by local Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds, BW have agreed to make regular visits to the stretch of the canal to keep it clear of trolleys and other debris - with the clean-up costs being met by the supermarket chain.

BW says that in the past three years more than 200 trolleys have been retrieved from this stretch of the canal, taking its resources away from other projects. Even the automatic wheel locks fitted to the trolleys if they are pushed over a line has failed to solve the problem.

The canal channel through Stalybridge, built in the 1990s, has a hard concrete bottom, and it is thought that trolleys are causing greater navigational problems than normal here, because they cannot be pushed into silt or mud, but present a greater barrier to boats.

Jonathan Reynolds MP said, "Supermarkets are clearly not responsible for the anti-social behaviour of those who think it is acceptable to dump litter and trolleys in this way. But the canalside location of this particular store makes it a particular problem in Stalybridge, so I am pleased that British Waterways and Tesco are taking this proactive approach."

Teen takes over waterways café

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At just 19, Alice O'Brien must be one of the youngest - if not the youngest - entrepreneurs in Wiltshire.

Miss O'Brien, from Avon Road, Devizes, took over the Caen Hill Café on the historic flight of locks at Devizes in January and she is delighted at the way it is thriving.

She said: "I opened on January 20, probably the worst time of year to take it over, but things have been going really well.

"The good weather in March helped and the Easter holidays were really good. Now we just need a nice spell of weather over the summer and we're fine."

Miss O'Brien studied for her A-levels at Devizes School and was planning to study at Portsmouth University when her father, Simon, heard the lease on the café, which is owned by British Waterways, was up for grabs.

She said: "Dad heard about it at the golf course and asked me if I was interested. I had worked in a coffee bar before and I loved it, so it sounded right up my street.

"The day I heard I had been accepted at Portsmouth was the day I had my interview with British Waterways. I knew then that the café was what I wanted."

Miss O'Brien employs eight part-time staff and she has recruited members of her family into helping her. Her grandfather, Phil O'Brien, keeps the café clean while gran Guin bakes cakes.

British Waterways used to run the café but put the lease out to tender in 2007. A number of tenants have tried their luck running the picturesque little eatery on the canal but none have managed to make a go of it.

But Miss O'Brien, whose boyfriend Adam Bentley is a member of the Royal Marines, is confident she will succeed. She said: "I have got a five-year lease and I'm sure it can be extended. I love it here and I know I can make it work."

The café is open all year round from 10am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday and from 10am to 5.30pm at weekends.

BW wins case against 'continuous moorers'

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British Waterways believes it can finally crack down more strictly on those who abuse continuous cruising rules, after gaining a judgment in its favour in the High Court.

Nick Brown, legal officer of the National Bargee Travellers Association, had applied for a judicial review of BW's new 'Guidance for boaters without a home mooring'. This was issued last year after their previous 'Mooring guidance for continuous cruisers' was criticised by a judge in an earlier case.

Nick Brown had argued that even the new guidance was contrary to waterways law and was in breach of the Human Rights Act and Equality Act.

However, in the High Court on 9th May, Mr Justice Eder turned down his application, saying that 'it does not give rise to any properly arguable basis for judicial review.'

The judge decided that British Waterways' new rules are now consistent with the British Waterways Act 1995, and that it was 'misconceived' that the guidance represents a breach of the Human Rights Act or Equality Act.

Nick Brown is now faced with paying BW's costs, estimated at £15,000.

"Revisions to 'Mooring Guidance for Continuous Cruisers' were made in 2011 following the earlier judgement in the BW v Davies case", said a BW spokesman. "We had consulted with a user group of representatives from national boating organisations - including Mr Brown - on revisions to the guidelines in light of the judgement.

"The refined and updated guidelines are now called 'Guidance for Boaters without a Home Mooring'."

2012/2013 Annual Subscriptions

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Just to remind members that membership subscriptions for the year 2012/2013 became due on 1 April. Joint membership costs £25.00 whilst individual membership is £15.00.

Many thanks to those who have already paid their subscriptions. If you haven't yet paid yours I would be grateful if you could please send me a cheque, my address is here, or give it to me at the AGM. Thank you.

Gill Herbert, Treasurer & Membership Secretary

Send your comments to the Web Site manager (Peter Oates)

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