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July Meeting 2013

This evening we extend a very warm welcome to all Southampton Canal Society members to their 46th Annual General Meeting.

Details and the Agenda are included in this newsletter. Please if possible print off and bring along to the meeting. Do feel free to raise any questions or other concerns at the AGM.

Enjoy the Cheese and Wine supper to finish off the evening.

September 5th Meeting

The subject is entitled Water Management & Modelling. Adam Comerford, Group Hydrology Manager at Canal & River Trust and Gordon Osborn, SCS member and modeller with ABPmer, will present a joint talk about the science of managing water both when there is too little water and when there is too much.

This is just what we all have been wanting to know, so please put a note in your diary and find out how they ensure there’s water in the cut.

June Meeting

At our June Meeting, Nick Grundy spoke about being part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, in “Beatty” on the River Thames last year. A superb evening showing the Great British Tradition so well presented by Nick. A full account of the event will be in our next Newsletter.

Alan Rose

Basingstoke Canal Society's new boat named

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John Pinkerton II

A BOTTLE of Champagne was poured over the bow of a brand new canal boat which was officially named by BBC South Today presenter Sally Taylor.

The John Pinkerton II made an impressive entrance at Colt Hill Wharf, in Odiham, where dozens of people lined the tow-path of the Basingstoke Canal to admire the 70ft boat arrive, with Ms Taylor on board.

The £160,000 passenger boat replaces the John Pinkerton, and was bought by Basingstoke Canal Society thanks to a generous legacy from Alan Flight, who was a member of the society.

The new boat is wider, at 10ft, creating more space for those on board, and can hold 50 people.

Along with regular two-hour trips during the summer weekends, going from the Wharf to North Warnborough, it will also be hired out for parties, weddings and private functions.

The old boat, which will be sold for around £25,000, helped the society to raise £750,000 over the 35 years of its life.

Philip Riley, chairman of the society, said: “It’s been a tremendous ambassador for the canal. But it’s now time for us to move on to champion a new boat.”

Ms Taylor officially launched the boat, named after the contractor who built the canal, and said: “I think I have been on the John Pinkerton a couple of times, once when filming and another for pleasure because I love this canal, I really do. I have often hired barges and gone up and down with my family because we love it so much.”

She described the new boat as “fabulous” and added: “The great thing about it is, this will, I’m sure, raise as much money as the old John Pinkerton has done over the years.

“I would like to pay tribute to all the volunteers and people who have been involved in this project.

“It’s a tremendous asset to the Basingstoke canal to have the John Pinkerton II – long may it continue.”

11th June 2013

Further information about public trips and private charters on the new boat can be found at:

Project to digitise National Waterway Collection

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CRT have announced that work has started on a £50,000 project to enable better public access to the national waterway collection, including the archive of over 20,000 historic images.

The national collection which contains everything from historic narrowboats to canal company uniforms and commemorative plates is being digitally catalogued and will be available to the public to search online during autumn 2013.

Debbie Lumb, head of museums and attractions said: "This is an exciting project that will give the public the chance to view our wonderful collection online. The project includes a major digitisation project of over 20,000 images from our archive many of which help show the important but often hidden social history of the canals; the navigators who built them; the boating families that traded on them; and more recently the volunteers who campaigned to save them. These images sit alongside pictures of historic boats and engineering plans and maps amongst others."

The next phase of the project to be delivered in 2014 will enable the public to purchase copies of online archive images and plans are in place to generate funding to allow a further 15,000 images to be digitised.

CRT are working with specialist teams at UK Archiving and SSL Limited to complete the first phase of this digitisation project.

Annual General Meeting 2013 - Agenda

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SCS Logo

Chilworth Parish Hall, Chilworth, Southampton
Thursday 4 July 2013 at 7.45 pm



1. Announcements.

2. Apologies for Absence.

3. Minutes of 2012 Annual General Meeting held on 5 July 2012 (herewith) and matters arising.

4. Chairman's Report (herewith).

5. Secretary’s Report (herewith).

6. Treasurer and Membership Secretary’s Report (herewith). (Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31 March 2013).

7. Review of Annual Subscription Rates.

8. Election of the following Officers:-




Treasurer & Membership Secretary

9. Election of Committee (the Officers plus up to three other Society Members. Additional Members may be co-opted as required).

10. Any other business relevant to an Annual General Meeting, where prior notice of the item has been given.

Note: In accordance with the Society's Constitution, only fully paid up members are eligible to vote at a meeting of the Society. Individual members and affiliated member organisations are entitled to one vote. Joint or family membership entitles that category to a maximum of two votes. Only members aged 18 or over are eligible to vote. All votes have to be cast in person, no proxy votes being permitted.

Annual General Meeting 2013 - Minutes of 2012 AGM

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The Annual General Meeting was chaired by Alan Rose, Chairman of Southampton Canal Society.


There were apologies for absence from:-

Ron & Myra Glover, Brian & Maureen Greenham, Alan & Adrienne Howarth, Linda Pearce.


A register was circulated and 19 members recorded their attendance. The attendance register forms part of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting.


The minutes of the 44th Annual General Meeting held on 28 July 2011 had been provided to all members.

On being put to the vote, the minutes were accepted by the members present.

There were no matters arising from the minutes.


The Chairman’s report for 2011/12 had been printed in the June Newsletter. Alan Rose felt that the Society had enjoyed an interesting programme through the year and he wished to thank the President, Members and the Committee for their support. He expressed special thanks to Paul Herbert who was now retiring as Vice-Chairman and from the Committee after continuous service since 1991.

He outlined the various speakers and events that had been enjoyed during the year.

He was concerned that some of the meetings had experienced low support and a few more members at our events would make it more worthwhile for speakers and for the Society. So, he encouraged members to introduce friends and family to our meetings. He also appealed for suggestions for future programmes.

Sadly through the year, and subsequently, we had lost a number of members and others associated with the Society.

The Chairman wanted to express particular thanks to the other Officers, Committee members and others without whose efforts the Society would not function. In particular he referred to Maureen Greenham, our outings organiser who was relinquishing her post. He wanted to thank her especially on behalf of the Society for the time and effort she had spent over the last few years organising trips and events. They had all been very enjoyable and successful.

The monthly raffle remained our highest regular income and he wanted to thank all those who regularly donate prizes.

In conclusion the Chairman thanked all those members who regularly turn up early to meetings and help set up the hall and clear away at the end.

A good programme of speakers and other events were lined up for the future, including Day-Star again, in November.

Finally the Chairman thanked all members for their continued support as we entered our 46th year.

There were no questions.


The Secretary’s report for 2011/12 had been printed in the June Newsletter. Angela Rose opened her report with her thanks and appreciation to all the members for their continued support during the year and also thanked the Chairman, Officers and the rest of the Committee, and others, for the various tasks they regularly undertake.

She referred to the advertising of the society and its events and the Society’s aims.

She felt that the Society had enjoyed another successful year.

There were no questions.


The Treasurer and Membership Secretary’s report for 2011/12 and the audited accounts for the year ended 31 March 2012 had been printed in the June and July 2012 Newsletters respectively. In her report Gill Herbert stated that the Society’s bank balances for the year ending 31 March 2012 showed a loss of £428.52 during the year. Due to her absence throughout March no monies had been banked that month. In previous years large sums of prepaid subscriptions had been banked early (eg: £285 in March 2011). Subscriptions for 2012/13 were first banked in April. Likewise, the raffle and tea monies for March (totalling £60) were not banked until April.

The Society’s income had decreased slightly last year while costs had increased. Charges for the hiring of both halls and the kitchen had risen in September and, while the cost of speakers remained fairly constant, their travelling expenses had increased. Her report also referred to clothing sales, Society events and the visit by Day-Star Theatre in October, which made a small surplus. Outgoings on the Newsletter had been reduced due to the increasing number of members receiving copies by email.

On membership, ten members had failed to renew their subscriptions as a result of personal circumstances, age related situations or death. Four new members had been welcomed.

The Society’s overall financial situation at 31 March 2011 had been:

Deposit Account   £344.40
Current Account £446.89
Cash in Hand £ 6.86

Laura Sturrock, the Society’s Auditor, had examined the accounts for the year ended 31 March 2012 and had no reason to believe that the accounting records had not been properly maintained. The accounts agreed with the underlying accounting records.

In respect of the current financial year, 2012/2013, Gill Herbert thanked members for paying their subscriptions. There were only four outstanding at the present time.

The Committee had suggested that, in future, individual donations of 50p be sought in respect of wine provided at appropriate meetings. That was agreed by members.

There were no questions on the report.

It was proposed by Aelred Derbyshire and seconded by Terry Phippard that the Treasurer & Membership Secretary’s report be approved and the accounts for 2011/12 be adopted and that was approved by the members present.


The Treasurer & Membership Secretary advised that the committee had reviewed the Society’s membership subscription rates bearing in mind the Society’s current financial position and was recommending that there be no increase in respect of the membership year commencing 1 April 2013.

It was proposed by David Dolman and seconded by Terry Phippard that the above recommendation be adopted and that was approved by the members present.


That part of the Annual General Meeting was chaired by the President, Brian Evans.

The President reminded members that all officer and committee posts were up for annual election.

Members were reminded that Paul Herbert, the current Vice-Chairman and previously Chairman for nine years, was retiring from the Committee at this AGM having served in various capacities since 1991. Maureen Greenham, our outings organiser, was also retiring from the Committee.

All the other officers and committee members had agreed their willingness to stand for election for a further year.

There had been no other nominations for officer posts or to the committee prior to or at the Annual General Meeting.

It was proposed by David Dolman and seconded by Annegret Evans that the following be elected:-

Position Name
Chairman Alan Rose
Vice-Chairman Vacant
Secretary Angela Rose
Treasurer & Membership Secretary   Gill Herbert
Other Committee Members David Townley-Jones, Aelred Derbyshire, Sue Derbyshire

(Gordon Osborn also volunteered to join the Committee, subject to his work commitments).

Upon being put to the vote, the above appointments were approved unanimously.

Peter Oates had confirmed his willingness to continue as the Society Webmaster and Editor of the Newsletter.

Laura Sturrock had confirmed her willingness to continue as the Society’s Auditor/Examiner. Members confirmed that appointment.


On behalf of the members Terry Phippard expressed appreciation to the Chairman and the Committee.

There had been no notice of any other business, relevant to an Annual General Meeting.

Before the close of the meeting the Chairman made an award to Paul Herbert in respect of his long service to the Society. An award was also to be made to Maureen Greenham in respect of her service to the Society but as she was not able to attend the meeting that award would be made at a later date.

The meeting closed at 9.15pm.

Chairman’s Report 2012 – 2013

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The Society has enjoyed an interesting programme through year and I wish to thank our President Brian Evans, our members and the Committee for their support.

Angela, our Secretary, arranged a varied selection of Speakers throughout the year.

In June last year, 29 members listened to Peter Boyce about the on-going restoration of the wooden butty “Lucy”. Then in September, an audience of 28 heard Chris Coyle and Kath Hatton with an update on the Wilts & Berks Canal.

The next month, 23 of us were taken on the American Railroads, saw pictures of 1900’s boating in Boulters Lock, Abingdon, etc and then Alan Brindle, with his Magic Lantern, finished off with Victorian “Slip Slides”.

November brought our yearly Day-Star Theatre treat with the play “A Night At Blackstone Hall.”

The annual “Inter-Society Waterways Quiz” in December saw quiz master Peter Oates and scorer Laura Sturrock keep three teams in order, as IWA Guildford & Reading fought with IWA Salisbury’s team to become the 2012 winners. An American Supper finished off the last two meeting thanks to our members.

The first meeting of the New Year was the Members’ Photographic Evening which was well supported by 22 members. Our speakers in February were Linda Wilkinson and Adge Roberts who gave an update on the Chichester Ship Canal Trust.

To finish of our year, an audience of 38, including visitors and local IWA members, joined us to hear John Dodwell, a trustee of the Canal & River Trust. This was followed by an enthusiastic question and answer session. John finished off the evening showing slides of WRG in the 1960’s and later. Many of these working sites and enthusiasts were recognised by some of those present.

It has been encouraging to see, through advertising, a few new faces at our meetings. But as you can see some of the meetings I’ve just outlined have shown low support. Remember we have to pay for most speakers: either a fee or a charity donation and sometimes travel expenses too.

A few more members to our meeting’s would make it more worthwhile for our speakers and for our Society. So, if possible, please encourage friends and family into the meetings and the Society. We have a good programme of speakers and other events lined up for the future, including Day-Star again in November.

My fellow committee members and I are always keen to hear your suggestions for speakers and any other activities you may think of.

Sadly through the Society’s year, and subsequently, we have lost a number of members and others associated with the Society.

I would like to thank all those without whose efforts the Society would not function.

Starting with the officers and committee members. Our Secretary, Angela, has undertaken many varied tasks ensuring that the Society continues functioning. Our Treasurer and Membership Secretary, Gill Herbert, is very dedicated and always has up-to-date accounts ready at each of our Committee Meetings. David Townley-Jones is our senior raffle manager helping to raise useful funds for the Society. Aelred and Sue Derbyshire with Gordon Osborn have been valuable committee members this year.

Thanks must also go to Newsletter Editor and Webmaster, Peter Oates; our Auditor/Examiner, Laura Sturrock; and our President Brian Evans and Paul Herbert, who are always there with the with help and sound advice.

I must also thank Laurie Pearce for his regular assistance with the raffle and Brenda Pomeroy and her helpers for providing our tea and biscuits each month.

Our monthly raffle still remains our highest regular income and I would like to thank all those that regularly donate the prizes.

Finally, thanks to all those members that regularly turn up early to our meetings and help set up the hall and put it all away at the end.

I would like to thank all members for your continued support as we enter our 47th year.

Alan Rose

Secretary’s Report 2012 - 2013

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As Secretary, my thanks and appreciation first go out to all our members for their continued support during the year.

Thank you to our Chairman, Alan Rose, for leading the Society through the last year and my fellow Committee Members. As a team, I know we are working very well and I am pleased we all have agreed to continue for another year.

A special thanks to Peter Oates who often “knocks my Newsletter reports into shape”.

Our meetings continue to be published in local newspapers, Radio Solent and National Waterways publications and this has seen extra visitors to our meetings.

Our Society’s aim is to encourage “Newcomers, boaters and walkers to the waterways, to look back at the history and the hard work accomplished, and, still needed, to keep our wonderful British Waterways, (under the Canal & River Trust) open for all to enjoy for ever.”

I trust that we all feel the “Southampton Canal Society” has enjoyed another Successful Year.

Angela Rose

Treasurer & Membership Secretary’s Report 2012 - 2013

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Balance Sheet

The Society’s bank balances for the year ending 31st March 2013 showed a slight profit of £35.93 compared to a deficit the previous year.

Income and Expenditure

Our income and expenditure decreased last year as a result of fewer activities. We only held ten monthly meetings so the hall hire charges were lower. However, fewer meetings also resulted in reduced raffle income. No membership subscriptions were made in advance although most were paid by the date of the AGM. Refreshments showed an increase in income. The Daystar Theatre ticket sales showed a slight profit, but the expenses incurred to stage the production through additional hall hiring charges and the American Supper resulted in a loss.

The cost of speakers and the New Year lunch at the Blue Hayes Restaurant were comparable to last year.

Our IWA Insurance cost was considerably reduced as a result of our revised income of approximately £2,000 meeting a lower insurance threshold. Above the £2,000 threshold our insurance premium increases.


Our membership totalled forty-nine, comprising of 18 joint and 13 single members. Again a slight decrease over the previous year.


I would like to thank our auditor, Laura Sturrock, for once again examining the Society’s Accounts and providing professional advice on the state of our finances which I found extremely useful.

I would also like to thank members of the Committee for their support.

Gill Herbert
Treasurer & Membership Secretary

Income and Expenditure Account

for the year ended 31 March 2013

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Subscriptions 695.00   360.00
Events 889.50   1,628.50
Silent Auction 0.00   62.00
Interest 0.24   0.24
Raffle 348.00   365.00
Teas 112.38   79.30
Sales 1.00   17.50
Other Income 14.00   32.00
  2,060.12   2,544.54
Events 807.50   1,460.60
Speakers 215.00   261.80
Donations 20.50   60.00
Newsletter 96.85   131.00
Insurance 169.00   265.00
IWA Membership 52.00   49.00
Hall hire 558.00   580.50
Refunds 20.50   20.50
Presentations 75.00   0.00
Other expenses (postage stamps) 9.84   144.66
  2,024.19   2,973.06
Excess of Income over Expenditure 35.93   (428.52)


Balance Sheet as at 31 March 2013

Current assets




Bank deposit account 344.64   344.40
Bank current account 482.58   446.89
Cash in hand 6.86   6.86
  834.08   798.15
Brought forward 798.15   1,226.67
Surplus/(deficit) for year 35.93   (428.52)
Carried forward 834.08   798.15


Report to the members of Southampton Canal Society

I have examined the accounts for the year ended 31 March 2013.

I have no reason to believe that the accounting records have not been properly maintained. The accounts agree with the underlying accounting records.

Laura Sturrock
14 May 2013

Annual General Meeting 2013

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I must apologise to the Society that, in the formal notice of the Society’s AGM in last month’s Newsletter, I printed last year’s date instead of the correct date for this year: Thursday 4th July 2013.

I can only plead that it was the result of a “Senior Moment” which seem to come along these days with increasing frequency.

Peter Oates

Rogan & Lynn Return to the Waterways

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Many of our members will, I am sure, remember our former colleagues Rogan and Lynn Olding who attended our meetings on a regular basis and took part in the annual Society Boat Gatherings at Flecknoe and Braunston.

Some years ago they sold their narrow boat and, after selling their property in Chandler’s Ford, moved to the Isle of Wight.

We had recently heard a rumour that they had returned to the waterways. Gill and I took a short cruise on our boat a couple of weeks ago and, whilst moored by the Stop House in Braunston, discovered that Rogan and Lynn had tied up behind us on their boat ‘Wenton’, so we obviously took the opportunity to catch up with each other’s news. They are enjoying their life on the Island, running a bed and breakfast suite, and breeding Cocapoos (a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle). A few months ago they realised they were missing the canals so decided to buy another boat and returned to their previous mooring base at Calcutt Marina, near Napton Juntion.

They have asked to be remembered to their former colleagues in the Canal Society. They would be delighted to offer bed and breakfast to members at ‘Rocklyn’, St Lawrence near Ventnor. Please go to for further details or contact Rogan and Lynn at: or tel: 01983.853410

Paul Herbert

New app lets you report abandoned supermarket trolleys

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A new smartphone app could finally solve the scourge of abandoned trolleys and the damage they cause to the British countryside.

The Trolleywise app - available for Apple and Android devices - lets users send photos of abandoned trolleys along with their GPS locations to a national collection service.

One of 47 local Trolleywise vans can then be sent to the location within 24 hours to recover the trolley and return it to nearby supermarkets - saving local authorities and retailers millions of pounds in clean-up costs each year.


There are around two million trolleys in operation in the UK at any one time.

Around 1.5 million trolleys are taken from supermarket car parks each year.

Many are abandoned in wasteland, parks, waterways and housing estates.

Trolleywise has 47 collection teams that pick up around 400,000 trolleys a year.

According to Trolleywise, more than half of all shopping trolleys in service in the UK - around 1.5 million - go missing from supermarket car parks each year. Many end up on wasteland, housing estates, parks, railways or water ways and are dangerous to wildlife and children.

Jeff Whyatt from The Canal and River Trust said: 'We have a national treasure of canals in this country, but they're often blighted by fly-tipped trolleys.

'They're an eyesore, but also they're a danger to boats and the ecology of the canal. Furthermore they make the canals just look unloved.'

His company has been working with Trolleywise for three years to help deal with the problem in the 'most efficient manner.'

According to Whyatt, if all the trolleys recovered were stacked on top of one another, they would be taller than Canary Wharf.

Local authorities, retailers and environmental charities spend millions of pounds each year returning trolleys to supermarket car parks.

Local authorities are currently responsible for rounding up abandoned trolleys. They then charge some of the repatriation back to the supermarkets, often by way of fines.

These costs are passed onto consumers through increased council tax bills and higher food prices.

Locating trolley with a smartphone

The new Trolleywise system, which is backed by all the major supermarkets including Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's, lets consumers 'take control of a more rapid and joined-up clean-up.'

A Sainsbury's spokesperson told MailOnline: 'All our stores want to be a good neighbour so we work with Trolleywise to ensure any abandoned trolleys are quickly collected.

'We hope other retailers will follow our lead in recognising their responsibilities to the communities they serve and sign up to this scheme.'

Tony Barber, managing director of Trolleywise said: 'We have made a substantial impact in managing the abandoned trolley challenge, with Trolleywise retrieving almost one million trolleys since 2012.

'However, we want to eliminate the problem altogether and return pride to our local communities. The app makes it very easy for people to report trolleys quickly and accurately.'

For every trolley collected by Trolleywise, the team donates to independent charity Trees for Cities.

The campaign hopes to raise enough money to plant at least 2,000 new trees in Britain’s urban areas each year, the equivalent of taking almost 150 cars off the UK roads.

Barber continued: 'By swapping abandoned trolleys for trees, we want to make a positive impact on communities.''

Sharon Johnson, CEO of Trees for Cities, added: 'We often come across abandoned trolleys as part of our tree-planting work in local communities. We hear from our volunteers that there is confusion about how to report them and whose responsibility it is to pick them up.

'We’re delighted that Trolleywise has launched this app to make the process so simple.'

Trolleywise launched in 2006 to help reduce the impact abandoned trolleys have on the local environment, said Barber: 'because when they get abandoned there's a big drain on the local councils and on retailers to try and collect the trolleys and put them back into service. '

He said that trolleys can end up in many places and the company had even recovered a trolley from on top of a bus stop.

MailOnline (
4 June 2013

Further information and app download can be found at:

Send your comments to the Web Site manager.

© Southampton Canal Society 1999 - 2013. Except where otherwise indicated, information on these pages may be reproduced provided permission is obtained from the Web Site manager beforehand and due acknowledgement made to the Society.

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