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2011 Annual General Meeting

Welcome to all members attending the Society's 44th Annual General Meeting. The agenda and all supporting documentation are included in this Newsletter. The formal part of the evening will be followed by Cheese & Wine.

At the time of going to press, I am pleased to report that no notices have been received of any changes due in the Committee.

July 19th Boat Trip

Members have recently had an interesting Cruise up the Beaulieu River from Gosport. We plan to have a report in next month's Newsletter.

Future Events

Maureen Greenham has in hand arrangements for a Skittle Evening on the 11th or 18th November. Confirmation of details to follow.

On Saturday 14th January 2012, the Society's Christmas Lunch at The Blue Hayes has been booked. Again, details will appear in a later edition of the Newsletter.

September 1st meeting

Brian Evans, our President, will show slides of the Caldon Canal, Bewdley , Bridgnorth and the Steam Railway between. Come along and enjoy this informative evening.

Day-Star Tickets

"A Long Weekend" is to be presented at Chilworth on Friday 7th October. This will be followed by an American Supper. Further details below.

Have you bought your tickets yet? They're just £8 each.

Alan Rose

BW's last accounts before charitable status

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British Waterways has published its annual reports and accounts, the last set before the canals and rivers in its care in England and Wales moves to the charitable sector next year. There's also a supplementary document - Celebrating Our Canals & Rivers 1948-2011 - which attempts to highlight BW's achievements and which looks ahead to the charity's launch in England and Wales.

There's one message they want the reader to take away: volunteering.

"The number of people volunteering for the waterways has increased to more than 24,000 volunteering days - a three-fold increase since 2007", says the summary. It places a value of £1.6m on the volunteering it has organised so far, and for the first time this includes a wide range of previously paid roles, including lock-keeping duties and many office, technical and waterway roles.

Also new to BW's support are fourteen 'Canal Adoption' schemes which have seen local communities and 'household-name' companies take responsibility (or what they call 'ownership') for lengths of canal, particularly in cities.

The report paints an upbeat picture of the waterways, at odds with many critics. It cites figures such as:

The report looks ahead to a charitable future for the waterways in England and Wales. It tries to set out how this historic waterways network - including the country's third largest estate of listed structures - will have a "firmer financial footing, where responsibility and accountability for its future lies much closer to waterside communities".

The future, in other words, is not just charitable, but local. 21 July 2011

BW's annual report and the supplementary document may be found on the web at:

Details of the Canal Adoption schemes can be read on the web at:

EU issues warning about red diesel

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The EU Commission has warned that it might try to stop UK boaters from using red diesel, even where tax is fully paid.

The threat is reported by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), which was pursuing the issue of UK boaters being fined by the Belgian authorities for arriving with red diesel in their tanks, even though full duty on the diesel had been paid.

In a letter to the Association, the EU Commission says it has decided to open 'infringement proceedings' against the UK for permitting red diesel to be used at all in pleasure craft propulsion, even where the recommended '60%-40%' duty apportionment is paid.

The Commission stated that the "marking of fuel used for propelling pleasure boats where such fuel has not borne any exemption or rebate" undermines the Europe-wide system of fiscal marking, as set out in Directive 95/60/EC.

The UK government has acted to quell fears that UK boaters may be forbidden from using red diesel in their engines. A spokesman for the Treasury has now told Waterways World:

"The UK considers that the procedures it introduced in November 2008 are in accordance with EC legislation. The UK will respond to the Commission in due course."

The Treasury believes it is following the 'letter' of the law, although it is clear the EU Commission thinks the compromise solution (allowing boaters to declare the percentage of fuel they are using for propulsion) is not within the law's 'spirit'.

An RYA spokesman said, "Although the EU's actions are cause for concern nothing is going to change immediately. This is a legal process which can take years to complete." 7, 12 July, 15 July 2011

July Meeting

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'The History and Design of the Bailey Bridge' - Pablo Haworth

23 Members gave a very warm welcome to Pablo and his wife Gill. We all enjoyed a very interesting talk and digital presentation. A more detailed report will appear in our September Newsletter.

Angela Rose

Cruise to Beaulieu River

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The weather forecast was gloomy for our day on the water (19th July) but all 20 members were delighted when the sun came out as we set sail from Portsmouth Harbour. The sea was calm and we couldn't have wished for a better trip to Bucklers Hard. There were many yachts on the Solent all happy to acknowledge us on our journey. We had a running commentary and historical information about interesting features as we passed by. From the Haslar Detention Centre for illegal immigrants all the way to the Beaulieu River there was a wealth of fascinating details about places along the coastline. On the way we had our lunch of a jacket potato with various fillings or a cheese ploughmans.

The River itself was surprisingly wide with some beautiful houses with their own private jetties and boats moored alongside. Many yachts were moored in the River. There were plenty of wading birds to observe by the twitchers on board, including curlews, godwits, egrets and oystercatchers. Bucklers Hard was bathed in sunlight as we arrived and after being informed about the men- of -war that were built here in the time of Henry VIII we turned around and began our journey back.

Unfortunately that was when the heavy rain started to fall and the north side of the Isle of Wight was very misty although we could see Norris Castle and Osborne House through the gloom. By the time we approached Portsmouth Harbour the sun was shining again and we circumnavigated one of Palmerston's sea follies which will be a conference centre in the autumn when works have been completed. We cruised by Old Portsmouth seeing some interesting buildings, then Gunwharf and the Spinnaker Tower.

There were some current and decommissioned Royal Navy ships in the dockyard, the most contentious being the Ark Royal which is being kept in a state of readiness should it be ever be needed in a conflict. We saw the commercial port where ships frequently go to France and Spain and cruise ships leave for luxury holidays in the sun. We ended our trip by going into Haslar Marina where we had a clear view of HMS Alliance in the Submarine Museum besides all the yachts in the marina. It was a very informative and interesting day out and enjoyed by all.

Maureen Greenham

A Long Weekend

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Robert & Christine Cooper bought a derelict farmhouse in the hills about a year ago. They 'did it up' and were looking forward to getting away from the city whenever they had the chance.

Then things started to go horribly wrong in the city. Well Robert was an investment banker.

They cut their losses, move into their hillside idyll permanently and use their remaining capital converting an old barn into a holiday cottage to provide them with a much needed income.

They are putting a few final welcoming touches to the cottage on the Friday evening as they await the arrival of the Harrington's, their first guests, who have booked a long weekend to go walking in the hills when.... disaster strikes!

It would appear that Robert has inadvertently run over what appears to be a drunken tramp that appears to have been asleep underneath Robert's Land Rover.

He appears to be dead.

And then the Harringtons turn up. Or so it would appear.

However very little of what occurs during the weekend that follows is actually how it appears. The strange couple who have showed up are not the Harringtons and have absolutely no interest in walking in the hills.

In fact Frankie and Viv are expecting the farmhouse and barn to be derelict, they are expecting to meet someone called Maurice and they are looking for the key to a safe deposit box.

It looks like it's going to be a long weekend.


Day-Star will be bringing this black comedy to Chilworth on Friday 7th October 2011. After the performance there will be an American Supper.

Tickets are now on sale price £8.00. Get them from Angela Rose or Gill Herbert (contact details here).

AGM Agenda

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SCS Logo



Chilworth Parish Hall, Chilworth, Southampton

Thursday 28 July 2011 at 7.45 pm



  1. Announcements.
  2. Apologies for Absence.
  3. Minutes of 2010 Annual General Meeting held on 22 July 2010 (herewith) and matters arising.
  4. Chairman's Report (herewith).
  5. Secretary's Report (herewith).
  6. Treasurer and Membership Secretary's Report (herewith). (Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31 March 2011).
  7. Review of Annual Subscription Rates.
  8. Election of the following Officers:-
  9. Election of Committee (the Officers plus up to three other Society Members. Additional Members may be co-opted as required).
  10. To consider a recommendation from the Committee to reduce the number of monthly meetings from twelve to ten by holding only one meeting in April and only one in July, this to come into effect in 2012.
  11. Any other business relevant to an Annual General Meeting, where prior notice of the item has been given.


Note: In accordance with the Society's Constitution, only fully paid up members are eligible to vote at a meeting of the Society. Individual members and affiliated member organisations are entitled to one vote. Joint or family membership entitles that category to a maximum of two votes. Only members aged 18 or over are eligible to vote. All votes have to be cast in person, no proxy votes being permitted.

Minutes of 2010 AGM

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The Annual General Meeting was chaired by Paul Herbert, Chairman of Southampton Canal Society.


There were apologies for absence from:-

Anne Coleman, Aelred & Sue Derbyshire, Ron & Myra Glover, Adrienne Howarth, Monica Lanigan, Eric & Sue Lewis, Peter Oates, Laurie & Linda Pearce, Ray & Joan Smith, Laura Sturrock, Tim & Jennie Symington.


A register was circulated and 21 members recorded their attendance. The attendance register forms part of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting.


The minutes of the 42nd Annual General Meeting held on 30 July 2009 had been provided to all members.

On being put to the vote, the minutes were accepted by the members present. The Chairman signed the minutes as an accurate reflection of the business discussed at that meeting.

There were no matters arising from the minutes.


The Chairman's report for 2009/10 had been printed in the current Newsletter. Paul Herbert reminded members that he had first joined the Committee in 1991 and would be retiring as Chairman and from the Committee at this Annual General Meeting and this would, therefore, be his ninth, and final, Chairman's Report. He had enjoyed his time as the Society's Chairman and wanted to take the opportunity to thank members, and in particular the Committee (both current and previous members) for their help and support over the years.

The Society had enjoyed an interesting programme over the past year. In addition to our monthly meetings we had enjoyed a number of special events including a river trip on the Thames, our second New Year Lunch and another Skittles Evening. A good programme of speakers and other events was already lined up for the future. Our membership numbers had remained fairly static but our financial situation was healthy.

Sadly, during the year and subsequently, we had again lost a number of members and others associated with the Society.

Finally the Chairman thanked the many members without whose continuing efforts the Society would not be able to function in the way that it does.

There were no questions.


The Secretary's report for 2009/10 had been printed in the current Newsletter. Angela Rose briefly referred to the Society's history and that the Society was fortunate that some of its early members were still able to enjoy and support its activities. Her report described how the Society's meetings were publicised and appealed to members to spread the word about the existence of the Society. She also thanked the Chairman and various other members for their work for the Society.

There were no questions.


The Treasurer and Membership Secretary's report for 2009/10 and provisional accounts for the year ended 31 March 2010 had been printed in the current Newsletter. Unfortunately Anne Coleman had been called away on urgent family business and was not, therefore, able to attend the meeting. The Chairman therefore presented the report in her absence.

The report showed that at 31 March 2010 the Society had funds available of £1,223.22. However, there had been an operating loss during the year of £468.39 which was mainly due to donations having been made. The report also referred to other issues which affected the accounts in one way or another. Membership had remained steady throughout the year.

In as far as the accounts were concerned, the Chairman advised that he would not be able to respond to questions in Anne's absence. However, he drew attention to a number of issues in the accounts and sought to clarify some points.

There were no questions from members and the meeting agreed to note the provisional accounts.


The Committee had reviewed the Society's membership subscription rates bearing in mind the Society's current financial position, increasing costs and the deficit incurred during 2009/2010 and was recommending that the subscription for joint membership be increased from £22 to £25 with no increase in the existing individual subscription of £15.

It was also being recommended that the cost of refreshments provided at monthly meetings be increased to 50p.

It was proposed by Annegret Evans and seconded by Ann Phippard that the above recommendations be adopted and that was approved by the members present.


That part of the Annual General Meeting was chaired by the President, Brian Evans.

The President reminded members that all officer and committee posts were up for annual election.

Members were reminded that Paul Herbert and Anne Coleman were retiring from their positions of Chairman and Treasurer & Membership Secretary respectively. The Chairman advised that the current Vice-Chairman, Alan Rose, was willing to stand for election as Chairman, for an initial period of one year; that he himself was willing to stand as Vice-Chairman for one year only, in order to assist the new Chairman and the Committee during this transition period; and that Gill Herbert had volunteered to stand as Treasurer & Membership Secretary, with assistance from Maureen Greenham on financial matters.

Angela Rose was willing to stand for re-election as Secretary and Maureen Greenham and David Townley-Jones were willing to stand for re-election to the Committee.

There had been no other nominations for officer posts or to the Committee prior to or at the Annual General Meeting.

It was proposed by Alan Rose and seconded by John Silman that the following be elected:-

Position Name
Chairman Alan Rose
Vice-Chairman Paul Herbert
Secretary Angela Rose
Treasurer & Membership Secretary   Gill Herbert

Other Committee Members Maureen Greenham and David Townley-Jones

Upon being put to the vote, the above appointments were approved unanimously.

It would be necessary to change the Society's Bank Mandate to reflect the change in Officers. The Committee had agreed that the signatories against the Society's bank accounts should be Gill Herbert, Angela Rose and Maureen Greenham and that was endorsed by the members present.

Peter Oates had confirmed his willingness to continue as the Society Webmaster and Editor of the Newsletter.

Laura Sturrock had confirmed her willingness to continue as the Society's Auditor/Examiner. Members confirmed that appointment.


Alan Howarth raised the matter of advertising the Society's future programme on its website. The Chairman advised that the programme was already included within each Newsletter and that all issues of the Newsletter were archived on the website. However, content of the website would be re-examined and Peter Oates would be asked to make special reference to future events, if not already included on the index.

All the Officers and Committee members were thanked for their work on behalf of the Society. Paul Herbert was thanked for his many years work in various roles and, in particular, as Chairman for the last nine years. Anne Coleman was thanked for carrying out the role of Treasurer and Membership Secretary in recent years. Thanks were also extended to Peter Oates for his work on the Newsletter and Website; to Laura Sturrock for acting as the Society's Auditor/Examiner; and to Andy Shannon for printing the Newsletter.

There had been no notice of any other business, relevant to an Annual General Meeting.


The meeting closed at 8.50pm.

Chairman's Report 2010 - 2011

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It has been a learning curve for me this year as Chairman, and I appreciate the support of our vice Chairman, Paul Herbert and all the rest of the committee, especially our secretary who has arranged a good and varied speaker selection. I am sure all members have enjoyed the varied and interesting programme of speakers.

In April 2010 we travelled on the Grand Canal of China with Liam D'Arcy Brown, a meeting 22 members attended. Back home, an excitable Paul Gosling had 26 members on Boats, Planes & Trains.

Society member John Silman kept 17 members interested in industrial properties across our area and beyond, with Saucy Postcards to finish. Progress on the Itchen Navigation was updated by Ali Morse with 17 members present. Dennis Bright showed off his birds to 28 of us. The Worst Summer Ever, by Day-Star attracted 57.

November went with a bang for 31 members with the Gunpowder Plot followed by hot dogs and onions (our house smelt of onions for days).

The Annual December Inter Society Quiz was snowed off with bad weather but the quiz was re-scheduled to April 2011. In January the Members Photographic evening was well supported by 30 members. Peter Inder updated 24 members on the Talyllyn Railway. To finish off our Society year, 26 members joined Tony Pratt for 100 years through Horsham to Littlehampton.

As you can see some of the meetings above have shown poor support, remember we have to pay a fee to most speakers a fee, or a charity donation, and sometimes travel expenses too.

A few more members to our meeting's would make it more worthwhile for our speakers and our Society also. So please, give the society more support. If you would like something different please let us know. We do ask for suggestions but do not receive much response.

Our membership has remained fairly static and our financial situation is reasonably healthy.

I would like to thank all those without whose efforts the society would not function.

Starting with the officers and committee members: our Vice-Chairman Paul Herbert, our Secretary Angela, Treasurer and Membership Secretary Gill Herbert; Maureen Greenham our outings Organiser; David Townley-Jones our senior raffle manager.

Thanks also to Newsletter Editor and Webmaster, Peter Oates; our Auditor/Examiner, Laura Sturrock; and our President Brian Evans, who is always there with sound advice.

Thanks to Alan Howarth for running the society library; to Laurie Pearce for his regular assistance with the raffle and to Brenda Pomeroy and her helpers for providing our tea and biscuits each month.

Thank you Maureen Greenham , supported by Brian for our trips, skittle evenings, Christmas Dinner. All very enjoyable. Thanks.

Our monthly raffle still remains our highest regular income and I would like to thank all those that regularly donate the prizes.

Finally, thanks to all those members that regularly turn up early to our meetings and help set up the hall and put it all away at the end.

This year, we have a good programme of speakers and other events lined up, including Day-Star again in October with skittles in November.

By the time of this report we will already have had a boat trip to the Beaulieu River for a few of us. And our "Social Evening" which was a good, fun evening despite the lack of members attending.

I would like to thank all members for your continued support as we enter our 45th year.

Alan Rose

Secretary's Report 2010 - 2011

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As Secretary my thanks go first to our Chairman Alan Rose for leading the Society through the last year. Thanks also to Paul Herbert, Vice Chairman, for his experience in Society Etiquette.

Our Treasurer Gill Herbert has worked very hard keeping the Society finances in order, with Maureen Greenham helping out, as required.

Maureen puts a lot of effort into organising our Boat trips, visits to various sites such as the brickworks, the Skittle evening and the Christmas lunch, not forgetting the occasional quiz, I know she appreciates your continued support.

David Townley-Jones, travelling from Hayling Island to run the Raffle, does a fine job to raise extra income for the Society.

Thank you also, Brenda Pomeroy and her team for supplying the teas each month.

Our meetings continue to be publicised in local newspapers and national waterways publications.

On the Society clothing side, I apologise for not putting too much effort into this task this year. I will look to attending to this commitment as soon as possible. Burgees are, however, still for sale!

Our unique canal system is being well advertised through the TV programmes "Country File" and Julia Bradbury's "Canal Walks" plus local updates on the Itchen Navigation. Our Society's purpose is to encourage Newcomers, Boaters and Walkers to enjoy the waterways, to look back at the history and the hard work accomplished, and, still needed, to keep our wonderful British waterways open for all to enjoy for ever.

I trust that we all feel the Southampton Canal Society has enjoyed another Successful Year.

Angela Rose

Treasurer's Report 2010 - 2011

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The accounts for the year ended 31 March 2011 are presented for review. Laura Sturrock, the Society's Auditor/Examiner, has examined the accounts and her report is on page 7.

Members are reminded that I was elected to the position of Treasurer & Membership Secretary at the 2010 Annual General Meeting held on 22 July 2010. I am therefore only responsible for the accounts since that date.


Subscription revenue decreased slightly this year. However, the accounts for the year ended 31 March 2011 include £285 advance subscriptions for 2011/12. Income from the monthly raffle and refreshments also decreased. These decreases were mainly due to falling membership numbers and reduced attendances at our monthly meetings. Membership fees remained constant since 2007/2008 but an increase for joint membership subscriptions was proposed and agreed, at the 2010 AGM, for the membership year commencing 1 April 2011. It would help our Society if we could attract more members and encourage larger attendance at meetings.

The visit by Day-Star Theatre in October 2010 made a small surplus. The Society's visits broke even as planned.


The Society's expenditure has increased in most areas. The monthly hire fee of both the large and small halls, as well as the kitchen, has risen. The IWA Insurance has increased significantly as has the cost of speakers. Most speakers ask for travelling expenses, one of which was higher than his actual fee. The cost of printing and distributing the Newsletter has been reduced as we have gradually moved to sending copies to members via email. (It would be helpful if members could keep both the Secretary and Treasurer & Membership Secretary updated with any changes to email addresses).

Donations during the year amounted to £116.25, as follows:

Kingfisher Trust £75.00
Talyllyn Railway £25.00
Children In Need Appeal £16.25

Overall Financial Situation

The Society's position at 31 March 2011 was as follows:

Current Account £875.65
Savings Account £344.16
Cash in Hand £6.86

Gill Herbert

Receipts and Payments Account

for the year ended 31 March 2011

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Subscriptions 893.00 628.00
Donations - 10.00
Events   1,954.50   2,052.80
Interest 0.24 0.24
Raffle 348.10 408.00
Teas 119.87 138.87
Clothing sales 84.75 59.00
Other income 161.11 -
  3,561.57 3,296.91
Stationery postage gifts - 145.98
Bank charges - 4.00
Donations 91.25 825.00
Events 1,927.63 1,661.50
Speakers 311.00 80.00
Raffle prizes - 27.84
Teas - 9.60
Newsletter 189.00 246.75
Insurance 262.50 213.57
IWA membership 47.00 47.00
Hall hire 493.50 462.00
Clothing purchase 153.00 -
Other expenses 83.24 42.06
  3,558.12 3,765.30
Excess of Receipts over Payments 3.45 (468.39)

Balance Sheet as at 31 March 2011

Current assets 2011
Bank deposit account 344.16 343.92
Bank current account 875.65 829.17
Cash in hand 6.86 50.13
    1,226.67   1,223.22
Retained surpluses    
Brought forward   1,223.22  
For the year 3.45  
Carried forward 1,226.67  

Report to the members of Southampton Canal Society on the accounts for the year ended 31 March 2011

I have examined the accounts for the year ended 31 March 2011 and compared the accounts to the underlying accounting records. For the period 1 April 2010 to 21 July 2010 the accounting records were inadequate and it has been necessary to make estimates to produce the accounts for the year.

Laura Sturrock
21 July 2011

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